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Aristocratic Existence – Rolex Yacht-Master

Gdwatchclone October 30, 2020 0 comments

Speaking of Rolex Yacht-Master, the first reaction of many fans is: expensive. But why is the Yacht-Master series expensive? And what kind of historical and technological development background does this aristocratic series have? The closest distance between Rolex and sailing may be from Sir Francis Chichester’s adventure sailing in 1966, when Sir Francis Chichester alone sailed around the world, and his navigation tools on board at the time were only some nautical charts. , A Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch and a sextant.

Rolex Yacht-Master Ref. 16628
Rolex Yacht-Master Ref. 16628

The first Yacht-Master watch Ref. 16628 in 1992 combines the design features of the Submariner and the Sea-Dweller, but it is a bracelet watch made of all 18ct gold, except that the bezel is gold with engraved hour markers and white There is no water resistance mark on the dial. The 12 o’clock inverted Yangtze River Delta, dots and short rod-shaped hour markers, as well as hands, date convex mirror, small shoulder crown, Oyster bracelet and other designs, are all the same as in 1990 The design of the initial Submariner Ref.16610 is very similar, and the diameter of the watch is also 40 mm.

In 1994, the replica Rolex Yacht-Master launched three different sizes: 29mm (ref.69628), 35mm (ref.68628), and 40mm. It continued the first Yacht-Master watch made of precious metals. The change in size and color of the face plate is also rare in the design of Rolex sports watches. However, the Yacht-Master watch was introduced in 1999 and became one of the popular Rolex models. In this year, the Yacht-Master watch began to design a bimetallic case and bezel: combined with a stainless steel case. In addition to the platinum material bezel and dial, this bimetallic combination method that was patented by Rolex as early as 1932 is in the same watch, called “Rolesium”.

Like yachts and sailing sports, in accordance with the needs of events and technological advancements, the competition between yachts and sailboats not only competes on sailing experience, but also on new and advanced equipment. Yacht-Masters and other Oyster professional sports watches The difference in technological development lies in the fact that professional sports watches are mostly aimed at improvements in performance such as water resistance and movement performance. Yacht-Masters focus more on the combination of wearability and performance. With the launch of the Everose gold case with matte frosted outer ring Ref.268655 (37mm) and Ref.126655 (40mm), the yacht-master model is getting closer and closer to the traditional sports watch. Style, but there are still great differences.

Rolex’s newly developed patented Oysterflex rubber strap. The rubber strap is certainly not a rare design, but the Rolex Oysterflex rubber strap is unusual: black high-performance elastic rubber is injection-molded and coated with super-elastic springs. This rubber with fluorine-containing high-performance polymer can withstand Extreme temperature, chemical substances and ultraviolet rays are corroded, and the super-elastic spring used in the backbone of the strap is made of a special nickel-titanium alloy with a memorable shape. Not only has the rubber strap’s technology and performance been greatly improved, the Oysterflex rubber strap also has a patented vertical cushioning fold on the inner side of the two straps, so that the wearing and comfort are the highest.

The launch of the new Yacht-Master watch in 2019 is probably the most unusual “Black Warrior” in the Rolex Yacht-Master replica. Although the black dial is the most common model in Rolex sports watches (Ref.268655 and Ref.126655 are the first), the previous Everose gold models used the usual matte matte surface dial of the Yacht-Master, but Contrary to the normal use of black with K gold hour markers, the new black bezel black dial Yacht-Master is made of white gold with a strong saturated black and all black matte matte ceramic ring, plus white gold clocks. The standard frame, the strong contrast of black and white, in the sports “atypical” design, it also contains a relaxed and fashionable feeling. Also equipped with Oysterflex rubber strap, the new Yacht-Master watch uses the Oyster-style expandable folding safety clasp Rolex Glidelock extension system for the first time. The new Yacht-Master watch equipped with a new generation of caliber 3235 makes this latest Yacht-Master watch aroused different feedbacks from fans.